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5 Great Tips To Significantly Reduce Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a devastating disease for many people. I should know. My son and I have both suffered through endless inhalers and nebulizers over the years. There isn't very much that is more frightening that gasping for air and getting very little. Fortunately as I got older my symptoms diminished but my son's remained the same. So I needed to learn as much as I could about this awful disease and figure out ways to diminish its impact on the health of my son and to help me with the occasional attack.

Medical professionals still don't really know what causes asthma. Some believe there is a genetic component as do I since my father, my son and myself all had it. Some believe that early respiratory infections or exposure to allergens in early childhood as the immune system is developing may be the culprit. I have even heard some doctors claim we are too clean and that may be the reason. Whatever the cause, there are definitive ways to treat Asthma.

Here are my suggestions:

Limit or eliminate the triggers of your asthma attacks: Many people don't know what trigger their attacks. I had to find out what caused mine and what caused my son's. So I started keeping a notebook and recorded everything I could when an attack occurred. I finally figured out that it was specific foods that were causing our attacks. I eliminated these foods from our diets and it reduced the frequency of attacks significantly.

Exercise more often: You need to have your body in good physical condition to prevent attacks. But you also need to be careful not to over-exert yourself or this may bring on an attack. The best method is to start off moderately and increase the intensity of your routine as time goes on. You will begin to learn what your body can endure without having an attack.

Prescription Medications: My son had been taking Singular for a period of time and it really seemed to help. But we had to pull him of it when we learnt that there was a number of adolescent committing suicides while on Singular and that this medication may be the cause. Be extremely careful of prescription medications. Sometimes the treatment is actually worse that the side effects.

Eat well and get enough sleep: You need to strengthen your immune system and eating healthy food and getting at least eight hours of sleep every night will help you do so.

OTC Asthma Treatments: There are over the counter treatments that work quite well at relieving asthma symptoms. If you try one, make sure the ingredients are FDA registered and make sure you get a money back guarantee. That way you have nothing to lose.


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