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How Did I Become Obese?

The hardest step for your journey is the beginning, as you need to admit that you are overweight and you are determined to do something about it. But this is the only important step, as you could consider each and every step you take to be vital in your recovering process.

To start with, in order to be successful in your future weight loss, you have to answer the more important question: what brought you to the position you are in now? If you decided to have your weight loss surgery at a bariatric surgery center of excellence, they should be interested in your overall health and in helping you achieve your desired goal by all means possible.

Honesty will make you stronger
You need to be sincere with your dietitian and tell him or her how much exactly you are eating. This way, the dietitian will help you prepare for your life after lap band surgery. It is often that patients underestimate the amount of calories they eat and they don't track what they eat. When this happens, patients are asked to start a food diary or a food log.

Lap Band Journey Food Log
Monitoring what you eat will help us, the bariatric surgery professionals, see what you need to change and will make you become more food-conscious. This way we can create a customized diet expressively for your life and needs. You have to know that after the surgery the amount of food you can eat in a meal is of 4 ounces, but you have to take all important nutrients. More, you will have to create new eating habits even before surgery.

Before Lap Band Eating Habits
Losing weight is better than staying overweight and you have felt it if you knocked at a weight loss surgery clinic's door. Having a lap band does not mean that you will have a robot telling you what you should choose or not, but the band will not allow you to eat the same size portions. Still, it depends on you to gradually eliminate junk food from your diet and to choose the healthier alternatives, but you have to know that in this case the lap band will not have the desired effect, especially when we are talking about high calorie milkshakes and nachos.

You will have to learn new recipes and make your family embrace the new trend, as it will benefit them too. Otherwise, things will be harder for you, especially if you are the cook of the house, as you will have to cook different courses. You have to teach them and yourself that healthy meals can be delicious too.


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