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Try Teeth Implants

In cases where the majority of teeth have been lost, most patients tend to opt for dentures to replace them. Teeth implants are often overlooked and it is hard to see why, when you consider the advantages of using them.

Dentures are a cheap option for replacing lost teeth when a significant number of the teeth have been lost. Both full and partial dentures are available. They are made from metal frames on which ceramic or plastic teeth are placed. Lower jaw dentures and upper jaw dentures are both available and can be fitted very quickly: often in one appointment. The dentures are then made up and ready quickly.

There are many problems with dentures: the most notable being that they are uncomfortable. Many dental patients find that their dentures rub the inside of their mouths and cause bleeding and mouth ulcers. As well as this, dentures tend to move around a bit because they are not as secure as teeth implants. This leads patients to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable and these feeling can affect their social lives and diet.

There is also one longer term problem associated with the use of dentures. When jawbone and gum is not being used to anchor teeth in, they tend to shrink away. This changes the shape of the jawline over time, which can affect the way a person's face looks as well as affecting the way their dentures fit. As jaw shrinks away, dentures become loose and uncomfortable, exacerbating the other problems.

Teeth implants are different. They are not removable, but rather are titanium screw-shaped anchors, drilled into the jaw bone and used to support crowns or bridges. Because the implants are placed directly into the bone, they require surgery, so are obviously a more expensive option. However, they do protect the bone from shrinkage, and are very long lasting- usually lasting a lifetime if properly cared for.

The procedure for placing teeth implants is, aside from the cost, the procedure for placing them. Surgery is required, although it uses only a local anaesthetic, which is low risk compared with general anaesthetic. The procedure of placing the implants themselves involves some drilling and after it has been completed up to six months' of healing time before the final crown can be placed, making it a lengthy process.

Despite these pitfalls, teeth implants can be placed in almost any adult and have a very high success rate.


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