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How to Work Out in a Busy Gym

Knowing how to workout in a busy gym can be a real help on those days when it seems like the gym is the hottest ticket in town and everyone wants to use that bit of equipment you had your eye on. So here are the best gym workout tips to help you get around the crowds.

1) Don't fall into the routine trap
If you are trapped by your routine you are in trouble. The trick is to be able to recognize the alternatives available to you. This is all about understanding the purpose of each exercise.

When you know why you are using the exercises you use you will be able to find other options to help you get to your goals. Options that are not as busy.

Rowing machine being used? How about using the treadmill or going outdoors for a run? Can't get your hands on the Swiss ball? Do your moves on a spare patch of floor. You will often find that the new option adds something better to your workouts, Variety is the spice of life after all.

2) Make the most of dumbbells
Dumbbells are for smart people. They take up less space and offer you more flexibility, and most important there always seems to be more of them around. Make the most of them.

3) Stand to it!
You can waste a whole lot of time waiting for the bench to be free. Leaving the bench behind will not just save you this time it also offers you exercise options and angles you don't get sitting down. Standing up works more of your body since you have to work your core and support muscles to hold you in place while you perform the exercise. You'll be burning more calories, working your core and saving time, that's what getting more out of less is all about.

4) Master your bodyweight
Body weight exercises are always available to you. One of the reasons is that they are tough! You don't often find you have to wait in line to do dips or pull-ups, but these exercises have a great deal to offer. Same goes for push-ups. In fact there is a huge variety you can get out of using your bodyweight.

When you start to think outside the box you'll see that a crowded gym is really just an opportunity to put a little thought in, and get a more varied, effective workout out. Knowing how to workout in a crowded gym may just be your ticket to a better body.


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